kerouac​/​the long haul

by kerouac



upcoming split w/ the long haul. out now on tangled talk records.


released March 7, 2011

recorded in november 2010 by lewis johns at the ranch production house



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Track Name: I owe some people the world, but I owe you shit
i owe some people the world but i owe you shit
see it in the stillness of my eyes and feel it from the look of my cold gaze, I couldn’t face to see you like I did back in july. now I am the bastard son, born from liars dedicated to no one, I am the bastard, I’ve made my bed and I’ll be sure to sleep in it. spit in the face of it and tell it to fear you. keep drying all these lakes that we’ve basked in, fill the void with an ocean to drown in. this isn’t a sin that you can just wash your hands of. keep treading with the weight of the world, feel your knees jar as your feet touch the dirt. the strings that hold you are just letting you down. kept close: beloved and I never said that I was cool with this. you stick like a lump in throat, kept on the inside and just growing from there. I’ll never bury my head in the sand that you spilled and I’ll never lay it there.
Track Name: young wounds
this house was built on top of broken bottles and our love spilled like wine down a throat. there was a mouth that never shouted but these ears never fucking listened. all good grace will die and I’ll bite right through my tongue to get to words I wish I had. I’ve watched your spiral, you’ve grown quiet and despondent now and I felt this blood thin, through every single word I wish I’d missed. now I can see that it stemmed from lust and a cold fuck. all good grace will die and I’ll bite right through my tongue, I’ll feel the blood cover up these teeth and watch my loathe come pouring. it didn’t stem from a cold heart or a warm fist but a boredom came and apathy set in and this house is not a home no more.