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released May 9, 2011



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Track Name: fiends
split legs on bed frames, every inch of skin undone until a stillness in their eyes becomes, words just drift into noise when you bury your lust in the sheets. cut off hope like a cancer and sweat out your youth like a fever. you just it makes the music sound better with a head full of junk but one look in the mirror, you seem colder than you did last year, one look in the mirror, these eyes don't shine like they once did. you hide behind the walls you built, made with powder and glass. this ain't a phase, it's a heaven or it's an escape, with each line you ascend and you're not ever coming down. we're all just fiends and failures. you stumble the streets with a head full of toxic and teeth stained with cheap alcohol and you don't want to sleep alone, no. you'll let yourself get fucked by any compliment and fall in love when told you look pretty. the dream that you want to see, it can never be achieved 'cause the hope that you poured in, it's never coming back and any innocence you had, it ain't ever coming back.